Why Pro-Life People Are Valuable To Society


Just reading the first two panels of that comic irked me. I’ll have to admit now that this site, Everyday Feminism, is the reason I made this blog, along with many, many other left-wing idiotic online publications. I’ll get right (get it?) to it.

The right of a couple to have children is certainly obvious as long as it’s biologically possible, I’m not here to say that gay couples shouldn’t adopt or raise children, there’s enough people talking against it as it is (people raised by homosexuals). Some may say they’re isolated cases, others disagree based on religious views or ethics, whatever they may choose as argument in their discussion. This isn’t what we’re tackling here, and I’m sorry to have gone off topic like that but it’s my blog, I can do what I want.

The life of a child is truly valuable, probably one of the most valuable things known to humanity. Nurturing a young organism to the point it can be independent and do well in life is a feat that many people don’t realize takes an enormous amount of resources. But the issue at hand truly is the beginning of the organism, it’s development in the womb.

Interestingly enough, the past few decades have seen an insurgence in people using birth control and contraceptive methods to avoid the “burden” of child bearing in women or fatherhood in men. These developments could certainly be blamed for economic downfall in numerous countries, the less children that people have the smaller the workforce and the greater the taxes on almost everything, pensions have to be paid somehow and this can certainly be blamed on the irresponsible nature of past generations, not irresponsible to not use birth control, but irresponsible to not have children.

Raising children is not an easy task, but it is a satisfying one, and while abortion can be a solution to very serious problems, irresponsibility shouldn’t be one of those problems. Young people fail to realize that responsibility is what makes you an adult, and once you attain the status of a responsible person, then you can be viewed with true respect and admiration by those around you.

I think it’s about time I start breaking the comic down into pieces, and I must thank the staff at Everyday Feminism for providing a transcript for the comic, I will be copying the text in the panels and (most likely) argue against it.

Panel 1

(A person approaches another person participating in a “Pro-Life” protest.)

Person A: (thinking) I’m going to regret this…

Person A: (speaking to the protester) I don’t understand. The fetus isn’t even the size of a bean at the time of most abortions!

Person B: Every child matters, no matter how small!

It’s clearly obvious by the text who’s who in this situation, and the fact that the Pro-Choice person gets their thoughts expressed in a thought bubble is pretty much testament to how diverse their thinking is, knowing that no matter what type of protester they’re tackling, they’re all the same, wrong.

You can’t possibly blame the artist though, they’re probably Person A in this comic. In any case, trivializing the miracle of life and creation to “isn’t even the size of a bean” is a bit (if not very) insulting to humanity and to a certain extent biology. I’m sort of glad the artist said “at the time of most abortions” because it makes it sound better and ends up not being a complete lie. Late termination of pregnancy is sadly a real thing, and while we can’t expect the world to be perfect and for all children to develop properly inside their mothers, fighting for abortion opens up roads to people getting them whenever they forget about the condom.

Panel 2

Person A: Why aren’t you protesting at city hall for lack of support for families raising kids?

Person B: (scoffs) The government didn’t choose to have the kids!

Lack of support? Cities do provide help to families, but only when it’s necessary. In a nuclear and classical family model, the father works to provide for the mother and child, while the mother is at home taking care of the child and nurturing it to develop its social skills and to teach it about the world and what is safe and what is not at an early stage and what is good and what is bad later into its upbringing. The government should not have a hand in the earliest stages of a young ones development, nor should it be the one providing the moral compass for the child.

And a side note, the “scoff” isn’t in the comic bubble, I’m guessing the person transcribing this chose to include onomatopoeia without any reason except demonizing or at least denigrating Pro-Life people.

Panel 3

Person A: Okay, let’s regroup. Every child matters. What about the kids of impoverished families?

Person B: (turning away) She shouldn’t have had kids if she couldn’t afford them!

(I have no idea who they chose to transcribe this comic but the Person A line wasn’t even given on the Everyday Feminism page.)

These are the cases I mentioned earlier, and people being impoverished isn’t the fault of Pro-Life people, nor is it the problem of the state. It’s their own problem, and if they want to have a better life then effort and work must be put into that instead of laying back and expecting for the government to pay for everything you want or need. Living in a democracy isn’t too hard, it’s just hard enough so that lazy people have bad lives and hardworking people live well. If you wish for a family then work for it, if you don’t want a child then don’t have sex or use some method of contraception, it’s as simple as that.

Panel 4

Person A: And Black kids and other People of Color who are killed by police on a daily basis?

Person B: The police were just defending themselves!

I have to say I chuckled here. This is why it’s called a comic, this panel alone. What relevance does race have in abortion? Statistics show that white people are much more likely to be killed by police than black people, and more research proves that whatever the media spreads about people of color being attacked by police on racial grounds is not true. While racial profiling may be a thing, there is evidence that black people commit more crime than white people.

Panel 5

Person A: (frowning) People with disabilities who want to have kids?

Person B: That’s irresponsible to even consider!

Actually irresponsible due to the fact that a pregnancy can put the life of both the mother and child at risk. I am assuming that disabilities here refer to physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy or certain rare genetic disorders. These will more than likely endanger the life of the mother and be classified as irresponsible.

Panel 6

Person A: LGBTQIA+ kids who are extremely vulnerable to abuse, homelessness, and suicide, not to mention conversion therapy?

Person B: We want to help them not be gay!

Sometimes I can’t even believe they drag in every issue in the world into this comic, I don’t think you can determine the sexual orientation of a child when it’s in the womb, that is if we’re talking about abortion. Do feminists believe that abortion in the 168th month(14 years) is possible? When children go through hormonal changes and enter puberty? When the world gets confusing and you wonder what your purpose is? Children have no idea about their sexual orientation when they’re that young, and sometimes people aren’t even able to decide when they’re 20 years old!

Going back on my argument about responsibility, a family where responsibility is scarce is a family where issues arise very quickly, and an unstable family can lead to changes in the thought patterns of the children that that family raises, which in turn will make the children question such a large number of things that the confusion about the world will imprint itself on what is developing most during puberty, and that’s the body’s reproductive function.

Panel 7

Person A: (gestures angrily) And kids who end up pregnant themselves?

Person B:  Because our schools are teaching sex instead of abstinence!

Person A: Even from incest and rape?

Person B: …If they can prove it, I will consider it!

I really recommend going and seeing the comic if you haven’t already, the angry gesture is an arm extended downwards.

In the case of teen pregnancy a doctor should be consulted because while the body may be going through puberty, complications can arise and hurt the girls body in ways that may not be fixed. Abstinence and sex should be taught but the most important thing that must be taught is why you should and shouldn’t have children, because for ages it’s been the main purpose for sex. Pregnancy should be taught that, at an early age, it can damage your body beyond repair, but if it’s carried out at a reasonable age then it can be a wonderful thing.

The trauma induced by incest or rape is again an exception and in those cases abortion is probably the best. It’s very sad that we live in a world where such things happen. The fact that we have developed a method of terminating a pregnancy that resulted after an unwanted sexual encounter is something that can save an incredible amount of young girls the trauma of giving birth to the child of a man who they associate with a traumatic event.

Panel 8

Person A: Young sex workers, who are targeted for violence by police and civilians alike?

Person B: There’s plenty of safer jobs available!

I wonder if young sex workers refers to people under the age of 18, in which case they should certainly not be in that field of work or if they’re forced to do that then they should talk to a police officer or someone who can help. There are safer jobs out there, and more jobs will be available in the near future.

Panel 9

Person A: Kids born with physical or learning disabilities?!

Person B: There’s ways to prevent that!

While the choice there lies solely with the parents, the idea that a child with physical or learning disabilities can’t be raised with as much care and love as an able-bodied child is discriminatory to disabled people and while raising a child with those problems may be tougher, the parents must be responsible and give the child attention and love and care about it as much as they would give to an able-bodied child.

Panel 10

Person A: (yelling in the protester’s face) Kids in the countless war zones we’ve created?!

Person B: (yells back) That’s war!

Hmm, I wonder which President led to drone strikes on civilian zones where newborns and children were just playing in… Oh right, he was Pro-Choice too!

The feminist argument here, I think, doesn’t really mean anything, the pro-life protesters are there fighting locally, that’s why they don’t fly to war-torn countries to protest it there, although if they would go there they’d first fight for women’s rights and only after that take on abortion. Oh yeah, the war-torn countries are highly religious, this thing called Islam, it really knows how to oppress women, why not fight that and not pro-life people?

Panel 11

Person A: (steps back, panting) So what you’re saying is, every child’s life matters except for all the ones that won’t grow up to be white, able, straight, cisgender, and further your views and ideas?

Panel 12

Person B: (rearing back) What?! No! That’s not what I said at all!

Person A: (turning around and walking away, exhausted) Sure, okay. I’m going to get some tea. Nice, calming tea.

I’ll tackle these both, because they just go hand in hand. Person B said every child’s life matters. No matter the race, physical or mental condition, sexual orientation and gender identity can’t be determined in a fetus (the sex can be though, there’s male and female, boy and girl, etc.), and the First Amendment lets people believe what they want, that’s why you’re allowed to trivialize the protests of these people and portray them as hateful bigots without knowing what the actual issue is about, that’s why you’re allowed to spout garbage and to express your views. But if your views lead to the lowering of the quality of life of a number of people by telling them to have abortions and lower the birth rate, which I presume is fine if you want to live off the state’s back and not acknowledge the issues of not having children.

The argument of overpopulation is such a bad one it’s become just a myth, so don’t go around saying “OVERPOPULATION”. You’ll make such a fool of yourself, it’s sad.

Pro-Life people remind us that responsibility is valuable and that children are a wonderful thing to raise. They’re not the mean people portrayed by the comics drawn by feminists. Some may be extreme, but you can’t have perfect people, and you certainly can’t have everyone be reasonable, as proven by the “tea” that somehow calms Person A.

Then again, feminists do tend to put words in peoples mouths and make them sound like the devil or even worse… nazis.

With that said, it’s my opinion that abortion is bad for the world, with some exceptions. You, as an individual, may believe what you wish and do your own research on what the world is and how it works and where abortion fits in and whether you want it to happen or not.


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